A couple of us at GreenLight Music had the opportunity to visit Bumbershoot this year. For those outside of the Pacific Northwest, Bumbershoot is one of North America’s largest arts festivals. Every Labor Day weekend, thousands of people fill the grasses beneath the Space Needle. Though the festival has a variety of comedy, visual art, and theater offerings, the biggest draw is the music. Although, with nearly every comedy show selling out, comedy is a close second. Since we here… Continue reading

2012.09.01: Ayron Jones & The Way @ Bumbershoot - Starbucks Stag

During this year’s Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival, GreenLight had the privilege to sit down with one of the fan favorites, Seattle’s own Ayron Jones and the Way. Their debut album is slated to release this October and is produced by none other than hip hop parody pimpster himself, Sir Mix-a-Lot. Marrying the sounds of blues, rock, alternative rock and hip hop, Ayron Jones and the Way have positioned themselves to introduce their ode to iconic influences to listeners across… Continue reading


Now that the GreenLight Music team has recovered from Seattle’s Bumbershoot, one of North America’s largest arts festivals, we’re thrilled to bring you artist interviews and festival reviews over the next few days. We’re starting with The Grizzled Mighty. An unsigned rock band with a raw, powerful heft to their blues and garage heavy sound, they’re eager to do sync deals. I sat down with Ryan Granger, guitar and vocals, and Whitney Petty, drums, to discuss performing, their new album,… Continue reading


The newest song from accomplished producer RJD2 was creating a lot of buzz on social media last week. The track, Her Majesty’s Socialist Experiment, features a wide range of sounds from electric guitar rifts to mesmerizing Middle Eastern flutes and then a classy piano piece towards the end. RJD2, born Ramble John Krohn, has produced numerous pieces used in media and advertising. He’s most well known for creating the opening theme music for the TV show Mad Men. His upcoming… Continue reading


From time to time we will be highlighting some great sync uses in advertising. The latest campaign for Chevrolet’s 2014 Silverado is a great example why the choice of music can essential to a great ad. “Strong” is a heartfelt country ballad from Grammy nominated artist Will Hoge. The song describes a hardworking, faithful man who like his Chevrolet “ain’t just tough, he’s strong”. The nationwide campaign went live this past week during the MLB All Star Game. Check out… Continue reading


St. Lucia created a significant buzz in 2012, releasing two EP’s and hope to keep their momentum going in 2013 with the release of their debut album “With the Night”. The Brooklyn outfit have been busy playing many of the festivals this summer as well as supporting fellow indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club on their US tour. The album’s first single, “Elevate”, was released this past week and currently holds the top spot for emerging music on Twitter.… Continue reading


Well-known electronic artist Moby has launched MobyGratis.com, a site which provides over 150 tracks from his vast catalog for license. Tracks will be available for free to non-profit video projects, and proceeds from commercial projects will benefit animal-related charities. Could this mark a potential new business model for a certain segment of musicians?  It certainly takes a unique talent to be able to open up their catalog like this. More information via RollingStone.com.


One of the many chart-topping, recognizable Sonny & Cher records, we’re happy to offer “The Beat Goes On” by Sonny & Cher as a pre-cleared track in the Get It Now store. The 1967 song, known for its baseline, has been covered by many including Buddy Rich, Vanilla Fudge, Strange Cruise and Firewater.  Back in 1968, Plymouth used the song in a TV commercial. Sonny Bono even used the song title in his epitaph.


Redinho (pronounced red-een-yo) is a London-based artist focused on merging the sounds of Chillwave with his skills on the talkbox, leading to songs and mixes that seem counter-intuitive, considering he started off in funk and metal bands. “Stinger” is the first single from his upcoming album on the Numbers label, and has garnered him an interesting collection of fans, including Mark Ronson and Hudson Mohawke. The video features a silhouette navigating an 80s-influenced landscape of ever-changing shapes, reminiscent of early… Continue reading


Los Angeles neo-soul/indie pop band Fitz & the Tantrums just recently dropped their 2nd album, “More Than Just a Dream,” on their new label Elektra Records. The first single off the album “Out of My League,” containing the signature vocal combo of Michael Fiztpatrick and Noelle Scaggs, has received considerable airplay and fanfare in the indie scene. Check out their music that we have on replay! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitzandthetantrums